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Oak Street Stables (former Belltower & Monastery Stables) is located in Carrolltown Pennsylvania.  Throughout many previous owners it now rests in the hands of Jolene Watt.  All her life she has been afiliated with horses.  She passed that onto her two young daughters.  With her kids having no place to ride she bought Monastery Stables, now known as Oak Street Stables.  Here everyone is welcomed no matter what breed or seat you may partake in.  

With the new ownership new renovations have been made.  The first would be the new beams that were put in.  7 new stalls, lighting, lean-to, and new fencing.  Along with the barn came a second smaller barn.  Shortly, there will be 12 stalls, which will be filled with stallions and brood mares, added to that of which will be named Stallion Avenue.

With this being less than a year of operation, Oak Street is on its feet and is running quite nicely.  Bringing your horses here will ensure quality care and commitment to all your equine needs.